Calumet Heritage Partnership

Identifying, protecting, and preserving the natural, cultural, and recreational heritage of the Calumet region of Illinois and Indiana

Calumet Curators

A Network of Museums, Galleries, and Local History Organizations in the Calumet Region

The purpose of the Calumet Curators group of CHP is to form a network of museums, galleries, and local history organizations, located throughout the bi-state Calumet region, that interpret the region’s natural, industrial, historical, and ethnic heritage. The goals of the network are to strengthen visibility for all organizations, illuminate and facilitate partnerships between and among organizations, and deepen thematic messaging and programming. The network is working to produce a Calumet Museums, Galleries and, Local History Guide and a traveling Calumet heritage exhibition. For more information contact

Draft Museums, Heritage-based Galleries, & Local History Centers Guide Availalbe

Guide Cover PageThe Calumet Curators group is compiling a guide to the Calumet region's many heritage-based museums, galleries, and local history centers. A draft version of the guide is available here for review and comment. Please send corrections or questions to Madeleine Tudor at