Calumet Heritage Partnership

Identifying, protecting, and preserving the natural, cultural, and recreational heritage of the Calumet region of Illinois and Indiana

2018 Annual Membership Meeting

On January 18, 2018 the Calumet Heritage Partnership held its annual membership meeting. Below you'll find resources related to the meeting, photos, and a meeting summary with links to relevant websites. We hope these resources will be useful reminders for those who were there and will enable those who were not able to attend to understand CHP's accomplishments over the past year and what the future may hold.

Photos from the meeting

Participants gather before the meetingParticipants converse before the meetingTiffany Tolbert announces candidates for boardParticipants converse before the meetingParticipants converse before the meeting

Calumet Heritage Partnership Annual Meeting, Lebanon Lutheran Church, Hegewisch, Chicago, IL

January 18, 2018

Mike Longan called to order at 7:10 p.m. and began the meeting with his President’s Report, The Power of Partnership.

He introduced the new pastor of Lebanon Lutheran Church, the Rev. John Beck.Mike also thanked Tom Shepherd for getting and setting up the snack for the evening, and David Klein and Madeleine Tudor for their work setting up the meeting room itself, including audio-visual equipment.

President’s Report: The Power of Partnership, highlights:

Almost nothing this past year that we have done without partnering with someone else. In April 2017, the CHP had 50 members, and as of January 2018, we have over 100 members.The increase has come in part from the merging of the CSI (Calumet Stewardship Initiative) with CHP, and from our annual conference.There have been many who have joined independent of those things, though.CHP is a diverse group that includes the “grass roots and the grass tops” to encompass the entire lawn.

Accomplishments of 2017 included:

Completion of the CNHA Feasibility Study and positive feedback from the NPS.Revision is underway, as is planning for the NHA beyond the study.

Two CHP groups have been formed: The Museums, Galleries and Local History Group and CSI of the CHP.

Collections: The Chicago Park District has accepted the move of the large and small bells, and the ingot mold from ACME to Steelworker’s Park.Has been delayed a bit, but will occur soon.

Conference and Events: 18th Annual Calumet Heritage Conference with keynote speaker Ted Cable on the Gift of Interpretation.

Two workshops held for the Welcome Project oral history audio documentary project.That work has led the “People’s Museum” organizing effort that may take the form of “pop up” museum events.The CHP sponsored the workshops by funding refreshments and sending participants from the board.

Upcoming events for 2018:

CSI sponsored events: Calumet Outdoor Series and the Calumet Nature Nerds Restoration Events.

“Along the Lakeshore” exhibit at the Indiana Welcome Center, July 21 – Sept. 22nd.

CHP 19th Annual Conference will be held somewhere in Indiana.

CHP is focusing on being a heritage area and not just planning for a heritage area.

Madeleine Tudor gave a brief report on the Museums, Galleries & Local History Network group.Its purpose is to make visible, support, and connect cultural heritage organizations in the Calumet.Currently, 2 goals: forming a guide (an Exhibit Resource Guide) and an exhibit project.Hope to have three exhibits in the region this year that will culminate in an exhibit at the Field Museum. January 30th will be the initial planning meeting.

Bejamin Cox gave a brief report on the CSI group of the CHP, to which he is the board liaison.He has been with the CSI for 10 to 12 years.CSI is a “group of groups” that have an interest in stewardship and education in the Calumet region.By merging with the CHP, they hope to reach a larger group.Plans are forthcoming to combine the CSI and CHP websites.Plans are also underway to obtain staff.The CSI meets about twice a year.

Tiffany Tolbert presented for the Nominations Committee.John Cain and Lakisha Girder will rotate off the board.The slate of candidates was provided and elected by those present with all “I”s and no dissents.

Kevin and Joanne Murphy presented on their work on online tours of the region.They have a YouTube Channel.In 2008-2011, they began with Tour Busses and Guides.Then in 2017, they moved onto doing digital posters on Green Sites that have QR cods on them that can be scanned with a smart phone.They were on waterproof paper and mounted with grommets.Currently there are three tours on their website, including a Blues Brothers Tour.They hope in the near future to expand the tours to include a Green Sites Tour and a Public Arts Tour in Indiana.More information is available at their Calumet Region Sites website.

Comments and Questions period: many people introduced themselves.

Andy Bullen, PSHS (Pullman State Historic Site)  Commented that this is the centennial year of the first World War, and encouraged those present to make a year-long commitment to publicizing their World War I histories.

Jim Jarecki of the Chicago Maritime Museum introduced himself and spoke of some of the events they have planned at the museum in Bridgeport.

Ruth Moors, Vice President of the Hammond Historical Society also introduced herself and mentioned some of their upcoming events, including an annual Show & Tell on February 3rd and a historic tour of the Oakfield Cemetery.The group meets at the Hammond Public Library.

Naomi Melender from Gary Indiana Historical & Cultural Society and the Gary Historic Preservation Commission said that they meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, and that their guest speaker on February 7th will be Tiffany Tolbert.They also are hosting “History is Alive” events.

Paul Meyers of the Markstown Historic District stood up and talked about the threats to the district.Directed those present to the Marktown 100 Facebook page.

 Rhiannon Cizon introduced herself.She is a “boomerang resident” of Highland, IN, and owns a service called Riconnect that helps to write grants for small organizations, does tours, walking tours, etc.

Tom Shepherd talked about the efforts to establish a monument to the Underground Railroad on the Little Calumet River, at the Jan Ton Farm.There will be a meeting about the effort on February 1st at the Carver Military Academy.

The CHP annual meeting was adjourned at about 8:30 p.m.